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Aquagrid® nets are an environmental containment solution for marine fish farming, developed by Bishop Water Technologies, in partnership with TenCate Industrial Fabrics.

Geotube® dewatering technology can be utilized for many Aquaculture processes. Dewatering can solve the problem of contaminated runoff in net cleaning and fish farming applications.

As nets are cleaned, the runoff water from the cleaning process is sent through a Geotube® container. The water is filtered through the container, and most of the solid contaminants are collected in the process. This way the nets get cleaned, and the waterways in the areas stay clean!

Geotube® technology is also effective in collection of benthic build-up in the bottom of fish cages and tanks, a dredge can remove collected material from the TenCate fabric lining the bottom of the cage and be run through a mobile Geotube® dewatering  unit returning clean water to the cage or tank. This solves a key concern of some environmentalists preventing build-up in cages as a possible source of infections and other problems.

Geotube® technology in Aquaculture applications:

  • Processing

  • Farm Waste

  • Supernatant can be used for irrigation, higher quality flush water,

  • Solids can be land applied

  • Dewatering and containment in one operation

  • 85% to 90% reduction of BOD in effluent

  • Can be used seasonally, with solids safely stored onsite between uses

  • Units available in sizes to fit drying beds. Or a portable Roll-off box (MDS)

  • Works with low TSS values, Works even with fine-grained sediments

  • 50 - 70% reduction in labor and energy for land application.

  • Reduced odor, bacteria and insect problems.

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